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    Before the birth of Christ, humans painted paintings on the walls of caves, and later in the city of Tabas, a poster was discovered that belonged to an advertisement for a fugitive slave. Centuries later, the Greeks used wooden pillars called axons for information, and then in 1400 AD, the Europeans installed their ads in town squares or public buildings.

    In 1796, lithography was invented, and in 1800 the first poster school was founded, and in 1870, with the mechanization of equipment, posters, new models and designs were unveiled, and after the Industrial Revolution, machines for cutting and printing paper and The formation of color shades was invented, which was composed of tiny dots that created three-dimensional designs.

    In the nineteenth century, with the expansion of highways and roads and the increase in human traffic, billboards replaced images attached to walls as a branch of video communication and as a propaganda tool made of wood, iron, and paper. And the image was formed became popular.

    Growth :
    The growth of printing and advertising continued until the camera was invented in the second half of the nineteenth century, and photography provided new ways for better and more effective advertising.

    In the early twentieth century, no country could compete with the United States for advertising and posters, and due to the lack of rules on the size and location of advertisements, everyone in every place installed advertisements and advertisements rather than insuring posters. And the timing of its installation on the wall was seriously discussed.

    With this rule, permission had to be obtained from the owner of the wall, and then the advertiser could use all parts of the wall to install his poster.

    At that time, posters installed billboards in various shapes, square or rectangular, and installed these boards in different places with two pieces of wood.

    With the development of the automotive industry and the transfer of people to different geographical locations, advertisers with different creativity installed electronic billboards on the roads.

    In the twentieth century, billboards were widely used, and advertisers tried to prove the quality of their goods and services and sell them, but in the middle of the twentieth century, advertising agencies realized that if a slogan or Use SMS to advertise and sell products is more likely.

    Today, different lighting techniques and short animations are used so that when the car passes in front of the billboards, the desired product or service can be fully advertised and penetrated into the audience's mind.

    Billboard definition:
    In fact, in billboard culture, the word billboard refers to boards or rented surfaces that have a special installation form and position, and after the end of the lease period, a new advertisement is inserted on it.

    Billboard position in advertising:
    Billboards are one of the most basic and simplest advertising tools that have a special place in advertising and by using visual factors such as the content of an advertisement poster or brochure in a prominent way, in different sizes and various lighting, constantly. Or they are exposed to the public.

    Attributes :
    With the right combination and attractive design, it attracts attention from a distance and brings the desired product or service to the attention of the public.

    Due to its location in open urban spaces and the view of advertisements on it, it is one of the best and most effective advertising tools by the large population.

    In order to build and install it, the necessary coordination should be done with urban and municipal engineers, and in order to install it, the beauty of the city should be considered.

    The message displayed on the billboard must be perceptible, fast-moving, visible and clear, so that it can affect the audience.

    Because billboards are separate and spaced, you can use several consecutive billboards to advertise your product or service, which are reminiscent of separate parts and make them more attractive. As a result, the ads get better.

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