Topic[ CANCELLED EVENT] Global Race to legend triathlon January 2016! [Hearthstone]

  • Mon 28th Dec 2015 - 4:49pm

    Q - What is this?

    A - Event for try to get legend on all the three public servers "EU"/"NA"/"Asia" first of all participants of the event.

    Q - Sounds like alot of fun but the first quesion on my mind is, do I get anything for win this event?

    A- Yes, you get the amazing amount of 40 Euro, enough to buy two adventures or almost 40 packs of cards!

    Q - Okey great, but I only have good cardcollections on two servers, do I get anything for being first to reach legend on each individual server?

    A - No, this event only have one prize, 40 euro for reach legend on all three servers before anyone else does.

    Q - If no participant have reached legend on all three servers at the end of the event do the prize goto the one closest to the goal?

    A - No, it a all or nothing event.

    Q - Will this event happen nomather how many players participate?

    A - No, this event will be canceled if less then four participants.

    Q - Okey, can we have the summary and details of the event now?

    A - Yes :)



    Event dates:

    Start: Ladder-reset Dec2015/Jan2016

    End: Ladder-reset Jan/Feb or when someone have won


    Participant slots: 4-20 (less then four and the event gets canceled)


    Signup & Checkin:

    Signup dates: Dec 29 2015 - Jan 4 2016

    Checkin: Write a post in this thread with "I am in + bnet ID " or simular + add GothGirl#2223 to bnet friends. Each participant have to do this for themself, to try signin/checkin friends here or with bnet message will only result in the information that they/you must write a post here.


    Event manager: GothGirl#2223


    Event goal: For a participant to reach legend rank on the three servers "EU", "NA" and "Asia"



    1x 40 Euro



    1. Only one bnetID participate per participant, in other words the same bnet ID have to reach legend on the three servers.

    2. This thread is the offical place for report event progress and claim to event victory, in other words if two participants reach legend on all three servers around the same time and one post it here while the other choose to send a bnet message, the claim of the one that wrote the post here will be examined first.

    3. Each reach of legend have to be confirmed by event manager, participants share responsibility in make this work and shall therefor notify event manager after each reach of legend or some time before close to reach the 3rd server legend.

    4. Participants are expected to take screenshots of each reach to legend, to help ruling incase a event occurs where despite these rules two participants are able to represent equal claim to victory.

    5. Not per say a rule, but it highly recommended to send the friendrequest on EU server since it event managers default and thereby allow best contact across the servers.

    6. No false claims allowed about reach legend or event victory claim, if not legend when manager come to confirm the claim of such, a disqualification from the event will be result.


    Example of event progression from start to finsh:


    "Hi I am in, bnetID= GothGirl#2223" posted in this thread

    "Hi, I am almost legend on EU" or "I have reached legend on EU" posted in this thread, sent as bnet message, or PM here on forum, so event manager knows and can confirm the reach of legend fast/faster.

    "Hi, now I legend on both EU and NA" or "I only have Asia left, let me know when you on NA so you can confirm my legend there" same contact options as the one above.

    "Hi, I very close to reach legend on Asia" bnet if manager is online, else one of the other options.

    "I have reach legend on all three servers" or simular, posted in this thread as your claim to event victory.

    Event manager confirm the claim and declare the event over.


    Anything unclear, always ask!

    Have fun and happy new year (when event starts -_- )






  • Sat 2nd Jan 2016 - 4:49pm

    NSAEpicpwner#2498 is in probably wont make it on eu and na, on asia i did this weird deck that beated everyone in 28 games.

  • Tue 5th Jan 2016 - 1:15am

    Awww :(

    One participant signedup, now time over and it needed atleast four.

    Event/Challenge cancelled, but hope some people might attempt the task anyway.


    I see many that could do it but maybe it not so fun to haste it, wish everyone best luck on ladder and happy new year ;)


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