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Fri 5th Feb 2016 - 7:40am : Hearthstone : General : Gaming

On January 22nd Braiky attented Dreamhack Leipzig to compete in the ASUS ROG 10th Anniversary Tournament. He lost in the group stage with a score of 1-2/5-6. Read here our interview with him.


How did you get to dreamhack?

Braiky: ''I qualified via AsusROG 10th Anniversary Hearthstone Tournament Qualifier for Dreamhack on Strivewire where over 1000 people participated.''


What were your expectations from your opponents?

Braiky: ''Almost all of my opponents were very well known pros from the scene , most of them Germans since the tournament was held very small. I knew it would be hard but very possible, I play against them all time on the ladder and it's not like I'm feeling much worse than them. The problem was more the preparation and strategy since LHS + 1 ban can be very difficult to prepare and I only had 3 days to send my decks in.''


I heard this was your first LAN. What did you think of it?

Braiky: ''It was a good experience, I met a lot of people and I learned alot. I had a very close game against Lifecoach that was actually in my favor and I should have won that game, but I just drew very bad - that happens. But overall I'm happy with my performance and plays, not so happy with deck choices tho but as I said, that requires a lot of experience and prep time which I didn't have.''


What are your future plans?

Braiky: ''Sorting out some real life things, I'm not sure if I can continue trying to become a pro and make a living out of it. The problem is I need a job atm , but with a job I cant really find enough time to keep up with other players who practise 10hours+ per day.''


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Braiky: ''I hope future qualifiers are a bit earlier, not 4 days before the event, to plan a bit ahead and also more preparation time.''


Decks used by Braiky in the tournament:




The bracket:

For more info about Braiky you can follow him on his twitter @braikyhs.
Visit our gallery for more pictures of this event.







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