Kinguin Friday Night Cup

Tue 13th Oct 2015 - 8:45pm : Hearthstone : General : Gaming

 Join us every Friday in Kinguin Friday Night Cup on Strivewire! Syndical Gaming is a growing gaming community, we've held many tournaments in the past, and recently decided to partner up with Strivewire to hold our tournaments. If everything goes to plan, and there's an interest in these tournaments, we'll continue to have them, along with our usual Tavern brawl Cups.


1st:   € 12
2nd:  € 8
3rd:   € 5

If you are streaming your matches yourself make sure to tag us on facebook or twitter, we don't want to miss anything out! We recommend you put atleast a 5 minutes delay on your stream to prevent cheating.

We hope to see you this Friday!

Quick Rules:
- Before the game, each player must declare three heroes, no restrictions
- Make screenshots just incase and keep them untill the end of the tournament
- Creating new decks is allowed in between Bo3/5 series, do not leave the challenge screen during a best-of-3/5 series.
It is not allowed to have multiple decks per class prepared! Your opponent can ask for a screenshot of the challenge lobby in order to check your decks! This affects only the classes you picked, if you picked for example warrior, druid and rogue, you can have multiple priest decks prepared. This rule doesn't affect the regulation concerning the change of decks and classes between each opponent.

Tournaments start:
Every Friday 18:30 CEST (Check-in 17:30 CEST)
Format: Single Elimination
Match-type: Best-of-3 conquest mode; Grand Finals are Best-of-5


Special thanks to Strivewire, for partnering up with us and letting us hold our tournaments on their website. Special thanks to Kinguin, Syndical Gaming's main sponsor.

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Tommy Broekman

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