Why I think Midrange Paladin is stronger than most think.

Sat 24th Oct 2015 - 2:33pm : Hearthstone : Gaming

As some of you have possibly realized, Midrange paladin has become more and more popular on ladder. Looking at the latest LiquidHearth Power Rankings, Midrange paladin gets to share rank 4 with Tempo mage with a respectable +4 in ratings. Savjz was the only one to put it at rank 1, Sjow putting it at 2 after Midrange Druid.

Patron has been holding Midrange Paladin down ever since Patron became the best deck in the game. Whirlwind effects, unability to finish the game early enough and giving your opponent huge burst potential by having many minions on board.
So what happens when the strongest deck of the meta is gone? Well, the obvious answer is that Patron Warrior had a very strong matchup against Midrange Paladin and now it should be a lot stronger. But there are a few other things to consider too, because if the strongest deck in the metagame is basically gone, the meta is bound to change quite heavily.

These changes make the top 7 decks (according to it LiquidHearth*):

Midrange druid (favored)
Secret Paladin (favored)
Midrange Hunter (favored)
Midrange Paladin (50/50)
Tempo Mage (unfavored)
Control Warrior (favored)
Midrange Demonzoo (favored)

*The matchups are from TempoStorm Meta Snapshot #34 ,
I do agree with all of them as well.

Now as you can see it counters every deck in the top 7 exept for itself and Tempo Mage, which isn't a very bad one either. Basically the meta has evolved into a direction that makes Midrange Paladin counters be worse while the deck's are countered by Midrange Paladin. Obviously these decks are not set in stone and a lot of people might disagree with these decks being top 7. But all of these are very popular on high and low ranks.
We also can't know what happens if Midrange Paladin becomes the number 1 deck of the post-Patron nerf meta. Possibly it would last only for a really small amount of time. But we honestly can't know.

Cards I really recommend using in the deck are:
Ironbeak Owl - Tempo mage and hunter are popular and owl deals with scientists really well
Justicar Trueheart - Basically another win condition and CRUSHES control decks
Double Quartermaster - Quartermasters value skyrockets with Justicar
Double Zombie Chow - Makes Aggro-matchups so much easier, and ladder is full of aggro

Thanks for the read! Please feel free to leave any critique and your opinion on Midrange Paladin as well.


- Vardu



Alvar Dürr

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