Syndical Gaming's Ratje2000 placed 2nd in Dutch Fireside Gathering

Mon 16th Nov 2015 - 4:27pm


Past Sunday (November 15th 2015) our player Jeroen 'Ratje2000' Stolp attended a Fireside Gathering in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. He participated in the tournament that used the BO5 Conquest format alongside 74 other contestants and managed to overcome every round except for the finals, where he was finally eliminated 1-3 by the Dutch player named KingKay. We asked him some questions about the experience:


What decks did you bring for your run?

"So I joined the tournament with a hybrid Druid, a midrange Paladin and a midrange Hunter, expecting a lot of aggression from my opponents. I decided only a few hours before the tournament started to make some last second changes to my decks. For example I decided to run 1 flare and a snipe in my hunter deck whereas I hadn't practiced with that combination on ladder before. I am very happy with the unexpected success of the Snipe in my Hunter, catching 2 Azure Drakes and a Dark Cultist, and only missing once on an Ironbeak Owl throughout the tournament. It turned out really well I think!"


How did the games go throughout the tournament?

"My first 3 matches went swiftly and easily, taking out my opponent 3-0. In the fourth game I ran into a post-nerf patron Warrior that caused me some trouble, going from a 2-0 lead to a 2-2 score before finally managing to overcome the deck and going through to the semifinal. The semifinal was not too difficult and I ended up taking that serie 3-1 even though my opponent had won every single serie 3-0 before running into me. He ran a hunter deck with Stampeding Kodo, and it surprised me how well that did. After that the final match started promising with me going up 1-0 against KingKay but sadly I drew dead for 2 games in a row, and he could close the series out 3-1, leaving me at a second place finish."


What were your expectations going into it?

"This being my first top 3 finish at a live event, I am very glad with the result I got, since I went in hoping to achieve a top 8 finish. Overall my expectations regarding decks from my opponents were pretty accurate. I ran into a lot of Paladins (both secret and midrange), aggressive Druids and even one aggressive Priest deck. My Druid performed about as I expected, my midrange Paladin definitely performed better than I anticipated getting beaten only once throughout the tournament (in the finals), and my midrange Hunter performed worse than I expected, even though Snipe turned out to be MVP of that deck."


How was the organisation of the event?

"The event itself was organised really well and there were very little to no issues during the games. Commendable considering it was their first time hosting this event. A fun experience for sure, with free cake for participants and some nice prizes made available by the sponsors of the event. I will definitely be attending again next year!"


Ratje took home the silver trophy and 5 codes for promotional card packs. We wish him good luck in future tournaments!





Anna Huynh

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