Syndical Gaming (SG) is the creation of a group of friends who play online games in a competitive scene. SG is striving to become a professional e-Sports organization, with the vision of becoming a well-known group in the professional gaming community. SG will mainly compete in games such as: League of Legends, Counterstrike, Hearthstone, but also other popular multiplayer games.

Our main goal is not only to have sponsored teams competing on their highest level of their game, but also to create one of the best and biggest gaming communities, globally. SG also plans to offer events, tournaments and giveaways to the community, giving them chances to compete for prizes.  Some of these events may also be televised via our Twitch.tv channel.

SG has defined many goals for the organization, but the one goal that stands out the most is the constant drive to make the community a friendly and supportive place. In the course of time SG wants to become a place for people to come on daily to share information, have fun and learn how to become better in their game. Ultimately, SG wants to become a product for potential sponsors to market their name brands, unique hardware, software, peripherals, popular games and also to use SG as a channel to access a more diverse gaming market.

You can expect that everyone that is part of SG will be representing the organization and will be treating the sponsors, teammates, other communities and rivals with the respect they deserve. SG is dedicated to bringing good results through their competitiveness whilst maintaining a friendly and respectful environment in the esports scene.

We hope our staff, players and fans share the same goal as we do which is to have fun doing what we love!

The Syndical Gaming Management Team